US Mint Coin Sales

by Nick Laird, GoldBroker I opened up in 1998 & have spent the last 16 years making charts & collating data. I have been saving, storing & collecting all facets on gold for the last 3 decades & have built up a huge collection. I’m a one man show doing all the hosting webpage design & installation plus chart creation & databasing. I also supply charts & datafeeds to a number of other gold themed websites. In the late 1990’s I was very active on the Kitco Gold Forum & then later on the LongWave forums. Since mid 2005 I have pulled away from any public interaction with forums and now spend all my time collecting & collating data & making charts & new webpages. Gold Eagles Prison economy collapse fema war Silver Eagles Prison economy collapse fema war Gold vs Silver Prison economy collapse fema war

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